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Intentional Living

Embracing our lives with vibrant energy, engaging in relationships with an open spirit, and courageously discovering our personal authenticity unleashes feelings of courage, passion and aliveness! This is the energy we need to reach our goals when seeking personal and professional satisfaction, life balance and a meaningful existence.  Yet this requires focusing on what holds meaning for us, evaluating perceived obstacles and learning how to embrace and have authority over our emotional states. We spiral up to reach new heights.

Inner Journey

Like with any other journey it is beneficial to have a map and a compass with which to navigate when in uncharted territory; our own inner world. From birth onwards, we design our "life maps" based upon the collection of our observations, understandings, and experiences. Our thoughts and perceptions, our internal map, is our interpretation of the world around us. As Anais Nin observed, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” This one awareness can lead us to living a created life - one of our choosing.

Encountering Obstacles

Navigating life’s challenges with misleading maps can produce internal "triggers", which may show up in the form of unmet needs, communication conundrums and unfulfilled expectations. We may then experience an onslaught of uncomfortable symptoms: troubling moods, lack of energy, fears, anxiety, and loss of confidence. If left unattended, these can inexorably lead to false interpretations, broken relationships, and unmet goals. But when explored, reflected upon, and reframed, our thoughts and feelings can be valuable indicators and motivators that lead us away from discomfort and pain and toward insights, possibilities and breakthroughs!

The Coaching Solution

Coaching is a uniquely collaborative relationship with a skilled, objective and strategic listening and thinking partner. Your Certified Master Coach, Alix, advocates for you, by helping to mobilize your internal resources and channeling them towards your goals. This type of relationship offers you an accountability partner, vital and direct feedback, and a connection with your most meaningful aspirations. 

  • You will be challenged to employ the best of yourself
  • You can trust and count on absolute confidentiality and safety  
  • You will chart your path towards personal transformation in the areas that are most important to you
  • Your agenda determines the coaching conversation.

Do you have important decisions or changes to make? Discover how to enhance your life in the area of personal and professional relationships, communication, work/life balance and life fulfillment. These can be brought to fruition by engaging in Skills for Intentional Living, a practice in transformation.

Intentional Living