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Nadine Cino

LEED AP CEO and co-Inventor:

Dear Alix,

"You have been, by far, the most profound, impactful coach I have ever had the privilege to work with!! You truly have had a transformational impact on my life, both personally and in business!!! What I love most about how we work together is that you are so approachable and human!! You create safe space in our conversations … it’s so easy to laugh with you and at myself in the same moment!! How you challenge my beliefs either by allegory or “head-on”, and offer an alternate approach is simultaneously sensitive and empowering. I often times find myself developing further insights around an issue we discussed weeks and months later!! Your encouragement is heartfelt, and from it – I get much strength."

Bob van Essen

Software Systems Architect

"I began working with Alix at a time when my marriage was suffering. My wife and I were polarized around how to parent my daughter from my first marriage. Also, among other things, I was out of touch with what it was costing our relationship that my wife could not count on me to deliver on my word. Alix's coaching was a godsend. She has an almost magical ability to uncover the unexpressed (to ourselves, much less the other) drivers that are at work beneath the surface. With Alix's help, my wife and I were able to communicate much more fully than ever before. We learned how to make agreements that are sustainable because they arise from a clear understanding of what we each need and want. Currently, I am working through a career transition and I have again turned to Alix for coaching. Her input is both inspiring and practical. As I recreate my vision for my career, she is helping me to clarify what I want, identify limiting beliefs, and craft short and long term action plans that are producing results. The value that I am receiving is extraordinary."

Lauren Jansen

School System Counselor

"Thanks so much for your wonderful coaching concerning my daughter. I am so excited about the possibilities we are creating in our lives. "I have been putting these new tools into practice. It feels so good and I feel as if I have the momentum. I am filling my mind with constructive thoughts and noticing how I am reacting and perceiving things and others through new eyes, compared to how I saw things before we began our process. "Thank you for this lasting gift!"

M. Sorken

Mortgage Lender

"I have been working with Alix on a regular basis for 2 years. She has become a resource for various areas of my life as I have felt challenged with numerous responsibilities. We started working together to work on getting my new business started. As we started working together we realized that there were some issues in my personal life involving my children and my marriage that would be affecting my business. Alix has been a tremendous asset to me both personally and professionally. This relationship has now expanded, whereby she coaches me and my business associates to create organization and focus, in order to grow the business. At this time my time with Alix is divided between working with my business associates in a weekly staff meeting and personal sessions. The personal sessions are spent reinforcing the awesome work we have been doing in getting me in a more confident place in my parenting and dealing with all of the personal relationships and challenges that I face on a daily basis. "In short Alix von Cramon has been a godsend to me and I treasure the work we do together. My life, my family and everyone who comes in contact with me has been blessed by my association with her."