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About Alix

I founded Skills for Intentional Living, a Transformational Life Coaching Practice, out of an inspiration to work with people interested in positive change in their personal and professional lives. Throughout my adult life individuals and partners have approached me to converse about amazing ideas and contributions they've wanted to bring to the world, or requesting support in the area of professional or personal relationship challenges. They wanted to grow, evolve and actualize their full potential! They were no different than I am: one who strives for transformation.

Each of one us encounter inevitable obstacles in life,  yet few of us recognize them as "gateway opportunities"! These are times when we have to figure out what to let go and what to let come in. And it is through this conscious choosing that we allow change to occur instead of remaining stuck. I have found, that listening to my clients with non-judgmental awareness enables them to hear their own voices, thereby discovering what is most important to them. And it is in that space of heightened clarity, confidentiality and safety that powerful questions, challenging assumptions and unbiased feedback are possible. 

We each desire healthy relationships, and through artful and purposeful communication we can learn to be more cognizant of what it is we truly want and believe, speak and listen to each other with increased awareness, and begin to choose and create experiences that lead to increased satisfaction in relationships of all kinds.   

In the area of goal achievement, half the battle is discovering what we want to achieve and then creating a road map to achieve it, powered by powerful intention. I support people in discovering what tools, strategies, and inner and outer resources can generate their desired outcomes.

On a personal note, I have undergone numerous transformations of my own. I came to America from my native country, Germany; went from being a small business entrepreneur to a player in the global corporate field; and embraced roles as a parent, spouse and community builder. All of these have formed the mosaic of my becoming a Master Certified Coach and Mentor Coach.  I still consider myself a student of the human condition and a lifetime learner. And I am privileged and honored to work with you along your path and intend to serve as a catalyst for your own ongoing transformation.

I consider it a privilege to have an active role in forwarding human potential one individual at a time!

Your Coach,

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose.  
In our response lie our growth and our freedom."
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